Everyone In ~ Connection. Inclusion. Economic Opportunity.


Everyone In.

Connection. Inclusion. Economic Opportunity. 

An initiative designed to create a local economy that includes and benefits every Long Beach resident.


On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Vice Mayor Richardson launched the Everyone In Economic Inclusion Initiative. Everyone In is an initiative designed to build on the economic inclusion recommendations outlined in the City's Blueprint for Economic Development, to create a local economy that includes and benefits every Long Beach resident.  

Advances in technology and the expansion of global markets have transformed entire industries and changed the face of business and commerce in Long Beach. While careers and jobs continue to evolve, many of our families continue to fall further behind and struggle to make ends meet. As a city, we must be intentional with our actions and ensure every resident in every neighborhood is prepared to take on the jobs of today and the future.

Everyone In means small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in all parts of town have access to the resources they need to grow their companies, and create local, family-supporting jobs.

Everyone In means making sure every part of town is economically viable, and that anyone who wants a job has one.

Everyone In means making sure that everyone has an opportunity to build wealth and have access to capital whether you’re a small business owner, worker, or an aspiring homeowner.

Most importantly, Everyone In means creating an environment where everyone has a seat at the table and an opportunity to thrive.

The Everyone In initiative will set out to increase access to capital through re-evaluating banking and financial services, create pathways to homeownership, modernize government contracts and procurement to increase local benefit, and cultivate job training and development programs that promote career pathways for every resident.

Everyone In will transform our city’s economy and improve the quality of life for all of Long Beach’s residents. We’ll be able to create good paying local jobs that provide pathways to the middle class. We’ll increase economic security and mobility for vulnerable families and workers. Most importantly, we will cultivate homegrown talent through a strong cradle-to-career pipeline.

Let’s work together to ensure every community, every resident, and every business is included in our city’s prosperity. It’s time for Everyone In.

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