Everyone In ~ Connection. Inclusion. Economic Opportunity.


Everyone In.

Connection. Inclusion. Economic Opportunity. 

An initiative designed to create a local economy that includes and benefits every Long Beach resident.


On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Vice Mayor Richardson launched the Everyone In Economic Inclusion Initiative. Everyone In is an initiative designed to build on the economic inclusion recommendations outlined in the City's Blueprint for Economic Development, to create a local economy that includes and benefits every Long Beach resident.  

Advances in technology and the expansion of global markets have transformed entire industries and changed the face of business and commerce in Long Beach. While careers and jobs continue to evolve, many of our families continue to fall further behind and struggle to make ends meet. As a city, we must be intentional with our actions and ensure every resident in every neighborhood is prepared to take on the jobs of today and the future.

Everyone In means small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in all parts of town have access to the resources they need to grow their companies, and create local, family-supporting jobs.

Everyone In means making sure every part of town is economically viable, and that anyone who wants a job has one.

Everyone In means making sure that everyone has an opportunity to build wealth and have access to capital whether you’re a small business owner, worker, or an aspiring homeowner.

Most importantly, Everyone In means creating an environment where everyone has a seat at the table and an opportunity to thrive.

The Everyone In initiative will set out to increase access to capital through re-evaluating banking and financial services, create pathways to homeownership, modernize government contracts and procurement to increase local benefit, and cultivate job training and development programs that promote career pathways for every resident.

Everyone In will transform our city’s economy and improve the quality of life for all of Long Beach’s residents. We’ll be able to create good paying local jobs that provide pathways to the middle class. We’ll increase economic security and mobility for vulnerable families and workers. Most importantly, we will cultivate homegrown talent through a strong cradle-to-career pipeline.

Let’s work together to ensure every community, every resident, and every business is included in our city’s prosperity. It’s time for Everyone In.

How We Plan To Get There

The #EveryoneIn initiative will set out to design policy solutions that deliver economic opportunity to those being left behind in Long Beach's economy.

We acknowledge that we don't have all the answers, nor can we do it alone. #EveryoneIn will work together with underserved segments of the community, business leaders, policy makers, financial institutions, philanthropic leaders, academia, labor and equity advocates, and experts in the field around economic inclusion to co-design policy solutions that deliver economic opportunity to those being left behind in Long Beach's economy. 

Policy Goals: (1) Close the race & gender wealth gaps; (2) Increase access to capital for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs; (3) Promote good, accessible jobs that lead to pathways to the middle class; (4) Create economically resilient families; (5) Create pathways to homeownership.  

#EveryoneIn began with with two essential steps:

(1) Embark on the #EveryoneIn Listening Tour by engaging underrepresented groups to provide valuable input and help co-design solutions, and;

(2) Convene a policy roundtable with a multi-disciplinary team of experts, who will make policy recommendations informed by the Listening Tour and best economic inclusion practices and policies around the country.


#EveryoneIn Listening Tour

We know that residents of disinvested neighborhoods possess valuable information and insight that policy makers need to design and implement solutions that work. The #EveryoneIn Listening Tour will give a voice to underserved communities in Long Beach. 

 #EveryoneIn Listening Tour is launching Saturday, March 10th! Join us for one of eight (8) community conversations taking place between March 10th- April 5th, to provide input on how economic opportunity can be achieved for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or zip code. 

Your voice matters, make your opinion count! See the flyer below for more information, and sign up for a focus group today by clicking this link: https://goo.gl/j4njvu

Policy Roundtable Discussions

Since December 2017, we have engaged in three out of five Policy Roundtable Discussions, facilitated by Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director of Los Angeles Local Initiative Support Corporation (LA LISC), where participants had an opportunity to learn about and engage in robust discussions around home-lending trends in Long Beach, innovative alternatives to business ownership such as employee ownership, and the future of banking and the impact technological advances in the financial industry have on low income communities.   

Following the first roundtable, where we learned about the persistent exclusion of low to moderate income families and people of color from Long Beach's housing market, I asked the Long Beach City Council to explore the feasibility of providing increased pathways to homeownership to low and moderate-income individuals by implementing a series of tools including down payment assistance programs, establishing a home-buyer education and counseling center in Long Beach, and exploring alternative forms of housing supply such as community land trusts and cooperative homeownership models. You can read the full proposal here

The remaining two roundtables will examine ways to make government contracts accessible to smaller businesses and ways we can increase local procurement processes, as well as ways in which we can create more career pathways and pipelines throughout our city.  

Economic Equity Profile

As we continue to build an economy for all, we are seeking a clear understanding of the challenges our communities face. That's why our Office of Equity is partnering with PolicyLink's All-In Cities Initiative to conduct an economic equity study on Long Beach. The economic equity profile will serve as a basis for ongoing dialogue about the economic challenges and opportunities facing our communities. The report will guide our collective strategies, support advocacy, and measure progress. I hope to share the findings from this report with you in May. 

Economic Equity Summit- Thursday, May 17, 2018

SAVE THE DATE! Join us on May 17th from 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at the #EveryoneIn Economic Equity Summit as we come together to share what we learned in the listening tour and the equity profile study, and to hear from leading economic inclusion experts around the county on how we move forward with economic inclusion in our city. Stay tuned! More details to come.     

#EveryoneIn Legistlation

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