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Councilmember Steven Neal's Weekly Letter

Dear neighbor,  

There was a lot of happy barking at Coolidge Park this past Saturday.  It was the grand opening of the brand new Coolidge Dog Park and it was a great event.  

We've highlighted how this is part of a real transformation for the entire park, including new basketball courts, a playground and exercise equipment.  What this dog park also does is repurpose the north end of Coolidge Park in a much needed way.  For one, the Coolidge neighborhood is home to a very high percentage of dog owners compared to other neighborhoods.  Also, more activity was needed in this section of the park to make it less less attractive for any undesirable activities that have plagued that part of the park in the past.

So we encourage dog owners all over the Ninth to come and check it out.  We're forming a "Friends of Coolidge Dog Park" group as well, who will facilitate ongoing workshops and awareness campaigns to make the park as user-friendly as possible. 

Also, Spring Cleaning season is gearing up.  Hamilton Neighborhood Association is commemorating Cesar Chavez day (Monday, March 31st) with a day of service and is providing a dumpster for area residents with bulkier items to get rid of.  We love to see this kind of activity and initiative coming directly from the community and want to encourage all residents to take advantage of this opportunity and also to participate in the greater day of service in their own way.



Councilmember Steven Neal