Tension in the San Andreas Fault: A Quake in the Wake

The National Earthquake Conference was held in the City of Long Beach, bringing scientists together from all over the world.  Gathered, some of our top experts discussed California's biggest fault and potential danger, with projections for an overdue earthquake reaching a magnitude of 8.0.  

A U.S. Geological Survey warns a quake that size could cause more than 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries and $200 billion in damage.  In comparison to the Northridge Quake that occurred in 1994, our next quake along the San Adreas fault could be almost 60 times stronger.



Natural occurrences like earthquakes are inevitable, but the way in which we prepare for and respond to them can be play a difference in the aftermath.  The last major earthquake that struck the southern San Andreas fault totaled a magnitude of 7.9 in the year 1857.  Since then, the tension in Earth's crust has rebuilt and redefined itself to a new, much higher level.

Disaster preparedness information and resources are available through the City of Long Beach Disaster Preparedness Website.  Here, you can find earthquake information and increase your chances of safety and survival during a natural disaster.

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