April Spring Cleaning Challenge Results

During the month of April, 9th District residents participated in the annual "9th District Spring Cleaning Challenge" where neighbors reported all instances of potholes, graffiti, dumped items, damaged street signs, and other basic maintenance issues in order to keep the district clean, safe and presentable.

The winner of this year's challenge is the Houghton Park Neighborhood Association, who will receive a matching grant of $1,000 for a neighborhood improvement project from the Council District 9 Neighborhood Services funds!

District Captain and Houghton Park resident, Becky Rustuen reported the most items at 64 reports, followed by District Captain and Starr King resident Jimmy Murray with 61 reports. Third place goes to last year's champion, Hamilton resident Art Siegrist. All winners will receive special recognition and a prize at the upcoming North Long Beach Community Assembly on May 18th.

In 2012, a total of 235 items were reported, and this year, residents accepted the challenge to surpass the previous benchmark by submitting 519 cases! By using GO Long Beach, visiting www.insidedistrict9.com, and by calling and e-mailing the 9th District Council office, residents reported 271 graffiti cases, 118 sidewalk repairs and a number of other maintenance issues.

 I wish to commend all those who participated in this year's Spring Cleaning Challenge. We will continue to work to ensure that city staff follows up on each and every maintenance issue submitted.

Please,  join me in congratulating our winners, and have a look at the charts below for details of this year's spring cleaning challenge.

Thank you,

Councilmember Steven Neal






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