2016 Participatory Budgeting Votes In: Projects Selected

The top three participatory budgeting projects were chosen after a total of 222 initial proposal submissions were received, all of which where drafted and delivered by North Long Beach residents.  165 Uptown residents gave PB an early spark back in September, bringing their energy and ideas to numerous public outreach and community meetings.  

Winning proposals were announced by Councilmember Richardson this past Tuesday, May 31st, as follows:

The top three winning PB projects are:

1. A Sustainable Approach for Storm Water Runoff (702 votes) -


This pilot project will work to manage storm water runoff on streets through curb cutouts, rain gardens, and tree swales. The project will also consist of installing educational signs about improved water quality and conservation.

2. DeForest Park Restroom Beautification (679 votes) -


This project will install interior upgrades at the DeForest Park restrooms including new finishes and fixtures.

3. Fitness Zones at Ramona & DeForest Parks (648) -


This project will allow for the installation of 3-5 outdoor exercise machines each at two parks to increase access to healthy lifestyles for residents of all ages.

While only $250,000 was originally allocated to PB this cycle, we decided like we did last year to fund the top three that won for a total of $300,000 in projects voted on by our residents.  We are so proud of the 1,382 residents who voted in Participatory Budgeting this year!

Here's how the other projects did:

Bike Hub Mural- 357 votes

Dog Waste Bag Dispensers- 391 votes

Solar Powered Trash Receptacles- 640 votes

Neighborhood Monument Signs- 405 votes

Community Garden- 646 votes

Uptown Bike Lanes - 552 votes

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