Liquor Store Modernization Program


The North Long Beach Liquor Store Modernization Project is an initiative with a mission to improve the health and safety of our community by implementing new performance standards addressing nuisances and criminal activities related to off-sale type 21 Alcohol Outlets.

This on-going project, created in 2012, is making strides in ensuring that store premises are properly maintained so that its operating characteristics are compatible with, and contribute to, the overall livability and development of surrounding neighborhoods.


In 2012, Councilmembers Steven Neal and Al Austin created the Liquor Store Modernization Initiative to address neighborhood concerns related to the impacts of alcohol outlets in the community.

The initiative consisted of a series of surveys and focus groups of local families as well as a comprehensive assessment of the conditions and density of liquor outlets in North Long Beach.


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North Neighborhood Library

NLB_2012-10-24_13305900000.jpgThe new North Neighborhood Library will be a state-of-the-art focal point for the North Village area.  

Construction for the new library is slated for Spring of 2014, following the removal of the Atlantic Theater starting January 2014.  

Located in the 5800 block of Atlantic Avenue, the 25,000 square foot facility will offer areas for children, teens, and adults, as well as a community center and pedestrian plaza. Completion of this bond-funded project is expected in fall 2015.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation that was shared with residents at the February North Long Beach Community Assembly.

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DeForest Wetlands Restoration Project

Los Angeles River Parkway, Open Space, Habitat, and Recreation Project

Project Overview

The DeForest Wetlands project will open 34 acres of land for public use, by converting large areas of overgrown vegetation with exotic species and other areas of completely denuded land devoid of habitat, into a river parkway with freshwater wetlands, wildlife habitat, recrea- tional trails, native plants, and interpretive signage, while retaining flood control and manage- ment properties. Public use will include passive recreational activities, such as bird watch- ing, walking, horseback riding, and educational tours and programs. The project will also provide water quality benefits. When completed, 800-1,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of neighborhood watershed runoff will be filtered before being pumped into the Los Angeles River. In addition, 15-35 AFY increased stormwater filtration will replace municipal sources to contribute to groundwater supply.

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Coalition for a Healthy Long Beach

HealthyNLB_Logo_Final.pngThe Coalition for a Healthy North Long Beach (Coalition) is a community collaborative focused on advocating for the health and wellness of North Long Beach residents throughout the city. The Coalition is open to all residents, City departments and community organizations that have an interest in the well being of the North Long Beach community.

Currently, the main focus of the Coalition is the North Long Beach HEAL Zone Initiative, a multi-year grant funded project of Kaiser Permanente designed to help make healthy choices accessible to more people in underserved communities through environmental changes.

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Ramona Senior Apartments




Located at 3290 E. Artesia, in the Ramona Neighborhood, the project is full and no longer compiling an interest list for new residents.

The development consists of 49 one-bedroom units and 11 two-bedroom units, plus 1 manager unit.


• Community Center Including: · Kitchen and Eating Area · Fitness Center · Computer Lab · Dinning Area · Entertainment Area • Swimming Pool

• Circuit Training Course

• Ample Open Space for Passive/Active Recreation


• Granite Countertops & Energy Star Appliances

• Refrigerator • Dishwasher • Oven/Stove • Microwave

• Central Heat/Air • Carpet/Tile • Window Blinds • Ceiling Fans

• Patio/Balcony with Extra Storage

The developers are giving area residents priority and encourage them to call or logon to register their interest.  Phone number (recording - leave info to be added to interest list) - 888.575.1118

Web address for on-line interest form -

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North Long Beach Business Alliance

The North Long Beach Business Alliance is a group of property and small business owners that meet once a month to discuss how they can have a positive impact on the economic development in North Long Beach. Recently, the group hired the consultant firm, CIVITAS to help the organization move in the right direction in creating a Property Business Improvement District (PBID). This group is essential to strengthen and revitalize the local economy of Uptown.

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District Captain Program

The District Captain Program is a community-building program that provides opportunities to residents to get involved in their community. For experienced community leaders, it creates a platform for support, training and development on work you have already begun, and projects that you may wish to undertake in the future.

If you want to sign up as a District Captain, click here. 




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Firestation 12

Station_12_sky.JPGFire Station 12 was opened to great fanfare in September 2013.  This addition to community was long overdue and makes an impact not only on the safety and security of the community, but also is an attractive addition to the Artesia corridor.

Located at 1199 East Artesia Boulevard, on the northwest corner of Artesia Boulevard and Orange Avenue, the new station replaces the existing Fire Station 12, located at 6509 Gundry Avenue in a residential neighborhood. The old station was originally constructed as a single family residence in the 1920’s and has served as a fire station since 1936.

The new station is a one-story, 11,000 square foot building with three apparatus bays, on-site above grade fueling, and a communications tower that greatly enhances portable radio coverage throughout the City. Along with this, the facility includes a 4,600 square foot Emergency Resource Center to store emergency equipment and supplies. The Emergency Resource Center is also used for community emergency response training, first aid training, and as storage space for fire apparatus and a mass casualty rig.

In addition to improving the resources available to the Fire Department and the community, the project is also noteworthy for the use of sustainable building practices. A portion of the buildings were constructed using recycled materials, many of which emit lower levels of environmentally harmful elements. Furthermore, the site incorporates numerous solar panels to optimize energy performance, and the roof and paving are designed to help keep the site cooler, thereby reducing the urban heat- island effect. As a result of these features the project will receive a Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

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Getting Back to Work

This annual summit engages participants by offering a platform to discuss possible solutions to job creation and small business growth. Guest speakers and informative group workshops have been major components of recent job summits. The summit is free of charge and is open to both job seekers and small business owners. 

November's 2013 Summit, hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center, was a tremendous success, with over 80 small businesses and 200 job seeker participants. It was sponsored by the Port of Long Beach, The California Endowment, Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network, The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and Healthy Communities, and the Long Beach Ministerial Alliance. 

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Everyone In ~ Connection. Inclusion. Economic Opportunity.


Everyone In.

Connection. Inclusion. Economic Opportunity. 

An initiative designed to create a local economy that includes and benefits every Long Beach resident.


On November 1, 2017, Vice Mayor Richardson launched the Everyone In Economic Inclusion Initiative. Everyone In is an initiative designed to build on the economic inclusion recommendations outlined in the City's Blueprint for Economic Development, to create a local economy that includes and benefits every Long Beach resident.  

Advances in technology and the expansion of global markets have transformed entire industries and changed the face of business and commerce in Long Beach. While careers and jobs continue to evolve, many of our families continue to fall further behind and struggle to make ends meet. As a city, we must be intentional with our actions and ensure every resident in every neighborhood is prepared to take on the jobs of today and the future.

Everyone In means small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in all parts of town have access to the resources they need to grow their companies, and create local, family-supporting jobs.

Everyone In means making sure every part of town is economically viable, and that anyone who wants a job has one.

Everyone In means making sure that everyone has an opportunity to build wealth and have access to capital whether you’re a small business owner, worker, or an aspiring homeowner.

Most importantly, Everyone In means creating an environment where everyone has a seat at the table and an opportunity to thrive.

The Everyone In initiative will set out to increase access to capital through re-evaluating banking and financial services, create pathways to homeownership, modernize government contracts and procurement to increase local benefit, and cultivate job training and development programs that promote career pathways for every resident.

Everyone In will transform our city’s economy and improve the quality of life for all of Long Beach’s residents. We’ll be able to create good paying local jobs that provide pathways to the middle class. We’ll increase economic security and mobility for vulnerable families and workers. Most importantly, we will cultivate homegrown talent through a strong cradle-to-career pipeline.

Let’s work together to ensure every community, every resident, and every business is included in our city’s prosperity. It’s time for Everyone In.

How We Plan To Get There

The #EveryoneIn initiative will set out to design policy solutions that deliver economic opportunity to those being left behind in Long Beach's economy.

We acknowledge that we don't have all the answers, nor can we do it alone. #EveryoneIn will work together with underserved segments of the community, business leaders, policy makers, financial institutions, philanthropic leaders, academia, labor and equity advocates, and experts in the field around economic inclusion to co-design policy solutions that deliver economic opportunity to those being left behind in Long Beach's economy. 

Policy Goals: (1) Close the race & gender wealth gaps; (2) Increase access to capital for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs; (3) Promote good, accessible jobs that lead to pathways to the middle class; (4) Create economically resilient families; (5) Create pathways to homeownership.  

#EveryoneIn began with with two essential steps:

(1) Embark on the #EveryoneIn Listening Tour by engaging underrepresented groups to provide valuable input and help co-design solutions, and;

(2) Convene a policy roundtable with a multi-disciplinary team of experts, who will make policy recommendations informed by the Listening Tour and best economic inclusion practices and policies around the country.


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