Firestation 12

Station_12_sky.JPGFire Station 12 was opened to great fanfare in September 2013.  This addition to community was long overdue and makes an impact not only on the safety and security of the community, but also is an attractive addition to the Artesia corridor.

Located at 1199 East Artesia Boulevard, on the northwest corner of Artesia Boulevard and Orange Avenue, the new station replaces the existing Fire Station 12, located at 6509 Gundry Avenue in a residential neighborhood. The old station was originally constructed as a single family residence in the 1920’s and has served as a fire station since 1936.

The new station is a one-story, 11,000 square foot building with three apparatus bays, on-site above grade fueling, and a communications tower that greatly enhances portable radio coverage throughout the City. Along with this, the facility includes a 4,600 square foot Emergency Resource Center to store emergency equipment and supplies. The Emergency Resource Center is also used for community emergency response training, first aid training, and as storage space for fire apparatus and a mass casualty rig.

In addition to improving the resources available to the Fire Department and the community, the project is also noteworthy for the use of sustainable building practices. A portion of the buildings were constructed using recycled materials, many of which emit lower levels of environmentally harmful elements. Furthermore, the site incorporates numerous solar panels to optimize energy performance, and the roof and paving are designed to help keep the site cooler, thereby reducing the urban heat- island effect. As a result of these features the project will receive a Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).



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