Coolidge Dog Park Now Open

Coolidge Dog Park Grand Opening Saturday
Dog owners all over North Long Beach will be happy to hear there is a great new dog park in their area.  Coolidge Dog Park opened Saturday March 22nd to much fanfare and a lot of barking.

Here are a few pics from the event.



This dog park is a fantastic addition to the community for a number of reasons.  According to the American Kennel Club, those reasons include:      

  • Well-exercised dogs are happy dogs, and are more likely to be quiet, good neighbors.      
  • Dog parks create a sense of community and forge friendships among users, as playful dogs break the ice between strangers.      
  • Dog parks add to the livability of densely populated areas with small yards.      
  • Dog Parks promote responsible pet ownership and provides an efficient tool for educating dog owners.      
  • Dog parks strengthen the bond between owners and their dogs making them less likely to surrender them to a shelter.      
  • Dog parks discourage crime and loitering and raise property values.

Here is a link to more info from the AKC.  Here is a link to the City of Long Beach Dog Parks page, including Dog Park rules & guidelines.

With all this in mind, a "Friends of Coolidge Dog Park" group is being formed.  Call our office at 562 570-6137 for more information.  And then bring your dog and come check out the park.

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