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Councilmember Rex Richardson's Weekly Letter

Dear neighbor,  

Rex Richardson

This week, I am excited to announce that the City of Long Beach will begin holding community meetings in each Council District  over the next two months to inform the public, and solicit feedback, about the Long Beach Civic Center Project (Project).  Meetings are scheduled in each Council District so that all residents' voices can be heard and actively participate in the development of our new Civic Center.  

The Project is designed to redevelop the Civic Center into a vibrant mix of land uses, public open space and public/private development, with retail, hotel and residential elements designed to activate the area with quality development and more jobs. Revitalization of park space with a mix of recreational amenities, designed to complement the entire Project, will help to enhance connectivity with the surrounding area. It will also incorporate a permanent headquarters building for the Port of Long Beach. 

The 9th District community meeting will be held on Saturday, March 14th, from 10 AM to 12 PM at Houghton Park.  I highly encourage you all to attend and provide input!

For more information on the Long Beach Civic Center Project, you can visit, e-mail, or call (562) 570-3800


Councilmember Rex Richardson